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Friday, January 16, 2009

Commenting on Blogger is an Iffy Proposition

I tried and tried to get a comment to take as a reply to Todd's comment below. At least I have the option to do a new post, an option the readers don't have. Here's my comment to Todd:

If I remember correctly and you started out at 230, then 217 is really great progress. Now I know you can get back in the groove on those workouts which will be much easier than the drastic step I've added to my routine--I'm trying to drink water instead of diet sodas! Water is just so plain--I can't stand it. People have suggested that I use those artifical sweeteners but if I'm going to do that then I might as well stick with the sodas. Anyway, it sounds like you're doing great even without the workouts so maybe a couple of weeks of working out will drop you way down to a much lower plateau.

Frank (Man, I see what everyone means when they say they have problems leaving comments--it's like Blogger just freezes up and won't accept anything--I've tried about 5 times to post this and hopefully I'll be successful eventually.)

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