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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1 (01/01/09) -- 227 Pounds

I'm going back to my golfing days and taking a mulligan, a one time opportunity to start again. It's a common practice in casual golf even though it is blatant cheating, and certainly what I'm doing has been no more than casual dieting and I'll only be cheating myself.

Actually, my plan all along was to start January 1, but I started early when my weight hit 231 pounds. The last few days have been good as a warm-up, allowing me to get back into the mode of dieting and allowing my body to shed some of those pounds that were going to be temporary if I'd just stop eating so much for a few days. For the record, yesterday was a pretty good day with 2 yogurts, 2 packs of crackers, 2 servings of soup, 2 bags of popcorn, 2 beers (wild celebration for New Year's Eve), and only 1 banana and 1 can of pineapples. It was under 2,500 calories which made today's jump up to 227 a little annoying. But that's all water under the bridge.

This officially starts 28 days of dieting and I'm shooting for a weigh-in of 217 pounds on January 29th. I've decided that 10 pounds in 4 weeks is the maximum I'll shoot for and that's not an easy mark to hit. It's especially difficult when I can't do a lot of exercise at the moment which makes the need for more stretching a top priority. I'm also going to have to start taking something like Advil when I go to bed. I hardly slept last night and it seems like the pain in my hip is the problem. It is difficult to get comfortable enough to go to sleep, which makes me thing that my movement during sleep is causing enough pain to wake me up. Taking pills is a last resort for me, but more sleep would be a wonderful thing in my life.

So, it's Day 1 of 2009 and Day 1 of my 4-week diet. There can be no more mulligans and there can be no more bad years. In less than 8 years I will be older than the age of my father when he died. I'm running out of time to get my health back on track.

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