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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 13 (1/13/2009) -- 224 Pounds

My oh my! It's 7 on Monday evening and I need to jog in the morning if I'm going to stick to my schedule of walk/jogging 3 times a week. The predicted low tonight is 34 and I guess that's what it will be when I hit the roads just before 5:00. I had better enjoy the warm weather because the temperature predicted for 5:00 this Friday is around 25. It won't hurt my feelings if Boty wants to cancel that early morning get together--I can still run Saturday and get in my 3rd run for the week.

Tuesday morning: I got up and walk/jogged and it wasn't bad at all. The temp was about 36 degrees and there wasn't any wind, so there really wasn't a good excuse not to get out.

I can't remember if I wrote on either of the blogs about the results from my first outings with the Garmin and the heart monitor. The plan was to go out for 60 minutes, alternating between 1:30 minutes of slow walking and 1:30 minutes of slow jogging. I'm talking really slow, as in averaging 14-15 minutes per mile. The problem is that my heartrate shot through the roof. The Saturday run had me at an average of 144 bpm and I maxed out at 167 bpm--those numbers are not good from a medical or training perspective. I felt okay, but the heart monitor said I was doing too much.

Today I reluctlantly dropped back to 2:00 minutes of walking followed by 1:00 of jogging. Once again it was at a very easy pace and I only covered 3.72 miles in an hour, but my average heart rate was 124 bpm and my maximum was 154 which came a couple of time when my jogging segment coincided with a very steep hill.

I can tell you right now, this one bit of feedback that has told me to cut back on my training far more than I would have done without a heart monitor is worth the $135 dollars I paid for my Garmin. For one thing, it puts me training at a level that will help me improve more quickly. And more importantly, it gets me out of a level where I was dangerously overtaxing my heart.

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