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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 14 (1/14/2009) -- 224 Pounds

I once helped coach a soccer team that was just a player or two short from being the best in our league. We had a very talented all-around player and if we put him up front the offense would click and the defense struggled. If we put the kid in the back, he solidified the defense and the offense would lose its spark.

That seems to be how my dieting has gone recently. There have been times when I've done well on holding down the calories but I didn't exercise enough to keep my metabolism up. Now that I'm exercising, I've fallen down on the dieting end of the deal. I need to combine the two if I want success.

There's 2 weeks to go in this 4-week diet and 7 pounds yet to be lost. It is still within reach if I'll go every day under 2,000 calories and if I'll add some walking in with my 3 longer outings. It involves a full effort, not the piecemeal approach of the past. This is something I can do and it is something that no one else can do for me. Two weeks to lose seven pounds--I need to step up to that challenge.

Todd, I've done a poor job of responding to your comments. How are the workouts going, not so much about how easy or how hard, but how consistent? It seems like you have always dropped weight in a hurry when you were consistent with your workouts. If I remember correctly, your wedding is at the end of February so that month will be full of activities and it will become as difficult as trying to diet in December. You and I need to really, really focus on the next two weeks.


  1. Frank, Keep pushing! Try to add in several shorter periods of activity each day, walk, calesthenics, sit ups, push ups. 3-4 efforts of 5-10 minutes don't seem like much but they are effective. Rusty

  2. Rusty, you are 100% right. I'd like to get up to 20 miles of walking/jogging a week with about 12 miles coming in the 1 hour stretches and the other 8 miles coming in short walks on the other 4 days. You've known me for over 30 years so you know the jogging exercises are the ones I'm most likely to accomplish and keep up, but I've got to work around to the muscle building areas as well, even if it's just a little. Thanks for the comment and encouragement--tell everyone that I said HI.