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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 15 (1/15/2009) -- 223.5 Pounds

Instead of posting early this morning, I left home early so I could measure the distance around my office building. There's a sidewalk that goes around the building in either a short loop that takes you right past a bunch of office windows in the front, or the long loop that goes up to the street in the front. The long loop is right at .19 miles, close enough to call it a convenient 2/10's of a mile.

I have walked some with several of the ladies who like to walk at break time. They walk on a road that runs behind our building with one route being 8/10's of a mile and the route in the other direction is 7/10's. It's nice but a little hilly and you have to worry about a small amount of traffic. I think I might prefer doing laps around the building. A total of 15 laps would equal 3 miles and that could be split into 4 at each break and 7 at lunch. It really wouldn't be hard at all to get into that habit.

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