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Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 16 (1/16/2009) -- 223 Pounds

This is a move in the right direction as I've gotten to my lowest weight so far (4 pounds lost in 15 days of dieting). It is still possible to reach my goal of 217 for the morning of January 29, 2009. It won't be easy since I need to average a half pound loss per day, so there's no room for a bad day and little room for an average day.

I used the Garmin yesterday to measure the distance of a trip around our building. There's a longer route on the sidewalk that is almost exactly .2 miles and a shorter route that is about .15 miles. I walked .8 miles before work, .7 miles during a break, and then over 2 miles during the first part of my lunch hour. That's what it is going to take, using small pieces of free time to build a significant number like 3.5 miles of walking in a day. The 2 mile walk at lunch needs to become a fixture for my days when I'm eating lunch here at the building.

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  1. That's some great stuff you got goin on! Yeah, Feb 28th the big day for me. I'm sitting at 217.4 but I haven't done any of my workouts now for five weeks. I really feel that I'll be back on that horse next week. Things are unbelievably busy at the moment.