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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 17 (01/17/2009) -- 224 Pounds

I really wanted to hold on to 223 pounds. Unfortunately, daily fluctuations happen and sometimes they go in the wrong direction even after a fairly good day. The best part about yesterday was my walking at work despite the cold weather. When walking on my own, I can get in .8 of a mile during a 15 minute break and then there's time to walk 2.2 miles and still eat during my lunch hour. There are two key elements here. First, I have to get into the routine of doing this day after day, and second, it helps if I'm walking by myself.

Up until now I've been walking with a group of ladies who walk during their break. The problem is that it turns our 15 minute break into something closer to a 25 minute break. If 5 are walking, we start to gather 2-3 minutes before 10. Then there's always one person running late so we go out the door a couple of minutes after 10. We walk somewhat at the pace of the slowest person which pushes the longer route to over 15 minutes. Then, if you walk by the break room to get something to drink or eat, it's easily becomes a 25 minute break. If I'm going to take 10 extra minutes at break time, I'd rather do it at my desk checking emails rather than in such a public manner.

Oh, well. This weekend calls for a lot of sitting at the computer. I'll probably get out today to take photos at the grand opening of the new convention center in Jackson, and tomorrow I'll go out for my 60 minute walk/jog. The rest of the times I'll be at the duplex, mostly editing basketball photos. It would be an excellent time to do some situps, pushups, and stretching while taking breaks from the computer. We'll see how that goes.

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