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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 18 (01/18/2009) -- 224 Pounds

There's no reason to think I should have lost any weight over the last 24 hours. Here's the rundown of my Saturday:

7-12:30 -- Sit at the computer editing and posting photos from the 1/9/09 Millsaps basketball games with Austin College.
1:00-6:30 -- Taking photos at the Grand Opening of the new Jackson Convention Center. A lot of standing around that bothers my hip more than jogging.
6:30-10 -- Going through the photos from the afternoon. I took about 1,400 photos and just under 900 make it passed the first cut.

Today won't be much different with the big exception that I'll go out for a 60 minute walk/jog. I'm working on the convention photos now (waiting for a huge folder to copy so I'll have a backup), then I'll switch over to Millsaps basketball from last Sunday while listening over the internet to Millsaps play today's games in Atlanta. That will still leave me the games from last Tuesday to edit and post.

I'm starting to think that my dieting is going to be a lot like that wheelchair marathoner trying to get up the hill. One of his keys to success was to turn sideways when he wasn't able to make progress so he didn't roll back and lose the success that he had already achieved. That's been my big problem, making progress and then giving it all back. On weekends like this where I am so busy sitting at the computer, at least I can make sure that I don't slip back.

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