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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 22 (1/22/2009) -- 225.5 Pounds

Strip away all the layers of this blog and you come to a core that is undeniable: This blog is about my failures. Maybe the silver lining is that it has limited the damage of my failures so I'm not in the 240-250 pound range, but when it comes to dieting, I have been a failure.

It would be nice if I could blame this shortcoming on something else. Maybe a lack of time or a lack of money. The problem is that dieting is mostly about doing less, not needing the time or money to do more. The plan from the start has always been very simple and it worked like a charm 3 years ago: Be accountable for your actions, be responsible in your actions, and the right results will follow. Could it be any simpler than that?

Maybe failure is part of the process. Hopefully I'll look back on today and this will be the day that I regain some responsibility for my actions. I can start by keeping my food journal today. I can start by going out walking during my breaks today. I can start by doing some sort of exercise this evening when I get home. When I end the failures in these areas, I'll end the failures in my diet efforts.

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