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Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 23 (1/23/2009) -- 224.5 Pounds

I did keep up with my food intake yesterday and it stayed under 2,000 calories. I'm afraid that it wasn't the most nutrious food list you'll ever see, actually being very poor even by my low standards. Mother had an eye doctor appointment at 12:45 followed by a trip to the pharmacy to fill some perscriptions. This got me out of whack on eating lunch so I got a mid-afternoon candy bar and somehow things never got on track.

I'm hoping for a very good weekend. Millsaps has two basketball games tonight and two on Sunday afternoon. Having to being at the gym for 4+ hours is always problematic. On Saturday I'm helping Isabelle and Bill with moving furniture. It's one of those situation when eating becomes a little bit of catch as catch can. It's not an ideal weekend for dieting, which still isn't an excuse for letting things totally slide. I can have a good weekend if I really try to have a good weekend.

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