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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 25 (1/25/2008) -- 226 Pounds

I really thought it would be worse. I helped Isabelle and Bill move some furniture yesterday and lunch and supper both came from Wendy's with a DQ ice cream cone in between. My bedtime last night was 6:30 and I got about 11 hours of sleep. That was related more to general exhaustion, not moving furniture. There's more stuff to move today and I'll help with that instead of going to the Millsaps basketball games. One thing about moving furniture is that when you break for the day, the work is over. With photography, when one leaves the gym or field, their work has just begun.

I'm going to attempt to eat far less today, even if it means a sea of diet sodas. Cutting back on eating is not like cutting back on television watching. I've gone 6 weeks without television at home (other than an occasional DVD) because I was able to remove the rabbit ears and make the televisions unable to pick up signals. If the rabbit ears were still attached, I'd still be watching too much television. Well, I can't disable my stomach for 6 weeks. I have to eat something each day and the hard part comes is doing less. Doing none of something is often easier than doing less, a lesson that is taught to recovering alcholics. It's too bad that not eating for 6 weeks is something that will put you in a hospital or a grave--not eating at all is a diet plan that many would find easier than trying to eat a little less each day.

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