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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 6 (1/6/09) -- 226 Pounds

The better eating part went well yesterday. The getting out and walking was sidetracked by non-stop drizzle and almost as much blogging. The rain part gets me back to the part about needing to join a fitness club. The blogging part makes me wonder if I would commit the time to make joining a club worthwhile.

At least the good news is that I'm approaching 4 weeks without television at my house. I haven't really noticed the absence other than the fact that I get so much more done during my hours at home. The problem is that I'm so far behind on everything and I keep adding in new projects like the photographs of the marathon. Too bad I don't see getting fit as one of those new projects that should push everything else aside, but I'm getting better and I hope that the new toy coming by UPS will help get me fired up. I like numbers and stats so having a Garmin device to get me all of the numbers for every walk, jog, and walk-jog should provide some motivation.

Well, rain or no rain, Garmin or no Garmin, I'm going to get out and walk-jog before I post again tomorrow. Keep up the good work Todd and make the 220's a thing of the past forever.

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  1. 218.6, I can handle .4 loss per day for sure. I am rather disappointed that I opted not to workout yesterday. I had it scheduled and everything. I'd almost admit that there is a repressed fear of getting back into the swing. It was definitely much harder to start. I think it revolves around everyone elses fitness level in the program. I feel like the only one out of shape. May today start it off!