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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 8 (1/8/09) -- 226 Pounds

No need to panic. With this being Thursday morning, today is the infamous weigh-in after the Wednesday night group meets. If nothing else, there becomes a problem of timing as I eat more and eat it later in the evening, a fact that certainly showed up this morning.

On the good side, I walk/jogged 3+ miles Wednesday morning and I walk at both my morning and afternoon breaks. That's 5 miles of moving yesterday and I'll walk at break today if the weather is permitting and Boty and I will walk/jog an hour tomorrow. Things are looking good and now that I have this Garmin device that can keep up with my mileage and download to the computer, I think I'll go out for more random walks in the neighborhood. My goal is to start of with three 1-hour walk/jogs each week and enough walking in between to get to 25 miles a week. We'll see what my hip has to say about that plan.

Got to go now so I can pick up some diet drinks before getting to work. It's still a habit I can't break or don't really want to break. I'm going to try to go with the same method as my jogging in regards to the drinking, alternating between a soda and water. Maybe then I can ease up the water and cut back on the sodas. It would be nice to get off the juice (as us diet soda junkies call it) because the cost savings would be great--or yeah, and it would be healthier and much better for my body.

(Note: Rusty said he couldn't post a comment here and I couldn't post a reply to Todd's comment Thursday afternoon. Here's the comment I was trying to add but blogger just gave a note saying "error on page":

Not a great day for either one of us. Far too often I've allowed myself to fall victim to the "day is shot anyway" mentality as a reason to turn a poor dieting day into a terrible dieting day. In tennis they call that tanking a match when you see a player making no effort because he figures he can't win the match. I've got to quit tanking when my day gets off to a bad start.)

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  1. Took a big step back yesterday! 221.4. I feel like I was held hostage. 8 hour meeting where they provided the meal and we only had 30 minutes. I guess it wasn't as hostile as it sounds but I did let myself have pizza for the first time in two months. Then it followed with a splurge dinner since "the day was shot anyways" mentality. Today is better though...