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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Final Result (01/29/2009) -- 226.5 Pounds

Update Thursday morning: The scale displayed 227 then 226.5 back and forth a couple of times before giving 226.5 as the weight of the day. It might have been more appropriate if it had given me the 227, the same weight as the day I started this 4 week diet. Let's face it, these last 4 weeks were a diet in name only, certainly not in action.

Here's the good news. Every failure was a success in the mind of Edison because it narrowed the search for the solution that would work. These last 4 weeks have told me something. This last year or so on this blog site have told me something. Plus, at least the trying to lose weight has kept me from being about 250 pounds by now. You know that would have happened considering how hard it has been to stay even while somewhat working on the problem.

It won't surprise you that I have a new plan and I'll have a new blog name. While the plan has never really been the problem, this is something a little different and it might have its foundation built on all the failed plans that have come before. I'll make the name change and add another post later in the day. As with all of the plans, I really think this one is going to work and I have to be right one of these times.


It's Wednesday night and the number for tomorrow's weigh-in really doesn't matter. The 4 week diet was a failure because I didn't stick with the plan. It might be more accurate to say that I never really started the plan.

I've had some good plans over the last year. None of them were hard to follow, all of them would have worked. It seems like the best plan going forward would be something similar to the cut back on television watching plan, which was to cut out everything. Knowing that I can't go for days or even a day without food, the next best plan would be the 3 step diet where I don't eat unless I'm really hungry.

In two months I have to give a speech at an awards ceremony. Shortly after that I have my annual physical. I'd like to make some progress on the losing weight before those two events. My best chance is to stop eating unless I truly feel hunger pain. It's not the healthiest way to go but I'm slowly killing myself with overwork and stress already, so how much harm can another bad habit do? Besides, what are the odds that I'll stick with this plan for more than a morning or a day at the max?

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