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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Intro to No Pain, No Loss--1/29/2009--226.5 Pounds

Most people who want to lose weight also want the process to be easy and hassle free. That's what I've wanted, thinking that I can still do some of the "fun" things when it comes to food as long as I compromise and I'm good most of the time. If I were capable of such restraint and good decision making, I wouldn't have 50 excess pounds of fat that I need to lose.

When I give myself choices, I'll make the wrong choice too many times. I've proven that over the last year. Maybe my decision making is good enough to maintain a weight. That's something we need to find out after I get down to 175 pounds. In order to get to that 175 pound mark, I have to clamp down and cut out almost all of the "fun" things. For example, the Wednesday nights with the guys has been a major stumbling block so I'm going to switch to a diet soda instead of a beer and there will be no snacking. That's the type of "painful" choice that I need to make.

For the daily stuff, I need to strictly follow my "3 Rule Diet":
1) Always eat when you are hungry.
2) Never eat unless you are hungry.
3) Eat half of what you think you should eat.

I've really never followed any of those rules to any great degree. I haven't followed rule #1 because I break rule #2 all the time and therefore I never really get hungry. Rule #3 is one that I sometimes think that I'm following, but in reality I'm probably just splitting my eating into two sessions while eating the same amount.

To go along with this major cutback in food, I plan on increasing the activity. Maybe just walking instead of trying to get back into jogging too fast. There's no point in laying out any big plans on this end at the moment other than to do better. The main focus now has to be the cutting back on the calories, on walking more, and if I throw in stretching and other exercises that that's all a plus.

For anyone who happens to read this, there's is absolutely no reason for you to believe that this will last more than a day or two. I think it will because it seems like it is easier to follow something strict rather than something that gives a lot of choices. We'll see. I'm ready for something to work.

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