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Saturday, January 31, 2009

No Pain, No Loss--Day 2--223 Pounds (3.5 lbs lost)

A bad day. On the surface it looks like a great day. Just holding on to the 3 pounds lost in Day 1 would have been great and I ended up lowering the total by another half. There was a 3 mile walk in the morning and maybe some exercise in hauling, washing, and folding 9 loads of clothes at the Laundromat. The calorie total was reasonable even though I couldn't give you an exact number. So what was so bad? The Banana Nut Cheerios were a problem.

When a hillside turns into a landslide, it is usually because of slow erosion that has taken place over the course of time. At work I had a container with some Banana Nut Cheerios that I could nibble on as a snack, and knowing that I was going to wash clothes and might get hungry, it seemed like a good idea to take the container and some Cheerios with me. At first it was just a few to "get the taste". Then a few more--and more--and before too long the entire container was gone, maybe half a box of cereal.

The good news is that it still didn't throw my calorie total for the day out of whack. The bad news is that this was a gross disregard for my diet plan. Have you ever seen a parent tell a child not to do something and the child looks the parent straight in the eyes and does it anyway? That was me with the Cheerios yesterday.

It seems like a small thing when it is actually huge. When compromises are made, my decision making goes out of control. When justifications are made, allowing myself to splurge a little because I did very well in the morning, then progress made becomes progress lost. There's a plan. I have to stick with the plan. If I allow tiny rivers of erosion to continue, there is a certain landslide of failure waiting in my future.

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