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Friday, February 13, 2009

February 13, 2009--224 Pounds

An early weigh-in. It's 4:45 and I'm heading out the door to walk about 4 miles with Boty. More later (maybe).

Later: There's not much more to write. The track where we walk is really closer to 9/10's of a mile per lap so we walk about 3.6 miles in an hour. It's more about the talking than the walking anyway, and that would be especially true for Boty who is training for another marathon. He has a 14 mile run tomorrow which makes walking 3.6 miles somewhat insignificant in his exercise routine.

I'll be at Millsaps a lot this weekend and the rest of the time I'll be in front of a PC. Tonight there are two basketball games with each team doing a presentation for Senior Night, plus it is the annual "Take A Kid To The Game" night with all the activities that go along with this special event. My new camera was giving me trouble at the last baseball game and I'm afraid that it is going to need a replacement of the shutter mechanisms. I'll have my old camera as a backup, but the new one is so much better for indoors.

Saturday, I'll be at the first conference baseball game, and then Sunday it will be the last home basketball games of the season. The main thing I need to do is get the photos. I'll figure out later how to find the time to edit them. It's not the kind of schedule that lends itself to losing weight, but I'll do the best that I can.

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