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Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 13, 2009--226 Pounds

Friday the 13th wasn't unlucky, it was just full of "situations" and bad decisions. The only good decision was walking about 3.6 miles with Boty in the morning.

After the walk, I somehow got home, showered and dressed, and left for work earlier than usual. I thought "what the heck", I'm going to get some French Toast sticks at Burger King--I haven't stopped at a BK in months for a breakfast treat. Then at lunch, I met Boty and a mutual friend for lunch at a Mexican resturant and it was great fun and great food. Just more food than I needed. That led to the decision to skip supper before going to Millsaps at 5, which of course led to justifying eating junk at the concession stand. And finally, I had about 1,300 photos from the Millsaps events (there was a lot going on) and I needed to stay up till midnight or 1 working on the photos. For some reason, I thought a late and big meal from Wendy's would help me stay up--it turns out that it didn't help and I crashed around 11.

All I can do now is really be strict on the food today and hope that the weight drops back down to 224 or so for tomorrow morning. I can't let things creep out of control. Now, it 5:15 and I have to start on the photos--maybe it would help keep me alert if I'd find a bag of popcorn.

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