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Thursday, February 19, 2009

February 19, 2009--225.5 Pounds

Not an unusual jump after a Wednesday night. I came to work thinking, "What if a person really did cut back on what they ate so that hunger was the trigger for eating and nothing else?". Add to that, "What if a person really did eat half of what they normally would when they did get hungry?". It would have to be a formula for guaranteed weight loss and a fairly good rate.

Those are two of the three rules in my "3 Rule Diet" with the other rule being to always eat when you are hungry. It's 7:45 right now and I'm not hungry even though I haven't eaten today. Why should I eat now and why should I eat more than a 100-calorie low fat yogurt when I do feel hungry? This is not about pain or sacrifice, it is about seeing food as a fuel and realizing that the body already has a lot of excess fuel stored up for most of it's daily needs.

I believe I can make it through 1 day of the "3 Rule Diet" and if I can do that then I can make it through a week. Who knows, maybe I can change my way of looking at food. It all starts with making it through 1 day.

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