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Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 22, 2009--223.5 Pounds

Not bad. I was sidetracked a little last night by the neighbors on the other side of the duplex. They like to cook and they do it very well. Lately, when there's a knock on the back door I know it is one of the neighbors with a plate of food that they just fixed up for supper. Last night it was "Chicken a la King" and a very rich mixture of creamed corn that put Del Monte to shame. I really wish they didn't bring food over because of the diet, but at the same time it is nice that they bring food over. It's always something that you'd be pleased to get at a high priced, high quality restuarant. And it's almost always something with a high caloric value.

I need to do really well today. It will help me stick to my diet plan if there's no knock at the back door.

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