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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feeling Better and 224.5 Pounds

I was able to sleep last night from about 11 to now, which is 4:30. That's a start. Right now I'm up because of the need for more cold medicine and maybe it will kick in while I write, allowing me to go back to bed and sleep an extra 20 minutes before getting up for work. It will probably be a work till noon day and then home to bed before getting up to work on photos.

Mentally I'm doing better. Somehow I will get to May. There's always a way, there's always something that can be dropped to make the time or I can do less at Millsaps or something. It's fortunate that my ability to hang on to emotions is so stunted. On rare occasions I will get depressed like this past weekend, but stronger emotions have a hard time lasting very long with me and most of the depression has gone.

As for the diet and this blog, I'll keep posting my weight and I'll keep trying to lose some weight. It might be a relief to not have a plan. We know the plans weren't successful in helping me lose weight. We'll never know if the plans were successful in keeping me from gaining weight. Trying to stick with a specific plan and failing has been frustrating and maybe no plan will be the best plan if I continue to monitor my weight each day. No plan without monitoring my weight would be a disaster--I'm smart enough to know that much about myself.

It's 4:40 now. I'll go put a CD in the player and see if I can fall off to sleep for about an hour. That will do me more good than trying to edit photos for an hour even though that needs to be done. There will be time for that later in the day.

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