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Sunday, February 1, 2009

No Pain, No Loss--Day 3-- 224 Pounds (2.5 lbs lost)

I've given yesterday's effort the very dangerous label of "Not Bad Considering", or NBC for short. It may be a bad idea to even consider this a legitimate label since it's easy to want to label every day NBC. In most cases, the idea will be to stay out of situations where "considering the situation" isn't a factor. That sounds good until you realize that most of my situations are about doing projects and doing for others. I don't want to say no to these things just because I need to lose weight.

Today I'll sit at the PC most of the day, taking a break to iron some clothes for the work week or to at least clean up some. Nothing fun about any of that and it would be easy to try and justify extra eating. This doesn't qualify as an NBC day. Next weekend, I'll be at Millsaps a lot with the opening of tennis and baseball season. I'll have a hurried schedule, I'll be tired, and Wendy's will be the closest food source along with the baseball concession stand. That will not qualify as an NBC day. I can't let this source of erosion into the diet.

Yesterday truly was different. Here's what I did, the situation, and what I ate:

--Got up early, worked on the PC, had some popcorn.
--Went to help Isabelle move items from the apartment to the house, working from 9 to 3, had a small burger and small frosty for lunch and a job-well-done light beer when we finished.
--Home for a nap, maybe had popcorn, who knows.
--Going out to the CD release party. Small burger, small fries at Wendy's at 8:30. There will be no food at Hal and Mal's that fits my diet or photography schedule. Stayed at Hal and Mal's till midnight, had one light beer.
--Needed to work on files before going to bed at 1:20. Had popcorn and a light beer for a job-well-done (it was a job well done and I deserved that beer).
--Wish I could have slept late and maybe my weigh-in would have been better. Hip was bothersome (I wonder why) so I got up at 7 to write this and work on photos. Today is a day that I have to honestly follow the 3 rule diet.

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