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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No Pain, No Loss--Day 5--223.5 Pounds (3 lbs lost)

Today is a huge day, really the first major test of my new attitude. It's the office birthday party for workers born in January and February. There will be enough items in the Break Room for every employee to feast on at least 3,000 empty calories. In the past, I've probably gone over that number, thanks to a full plate, a carry out snack as I leave the party, and then grazing all day.

This is where making the decision to eat nothing is easier to follow than trying to make reasonable decisions. I won't make reasonable decisions if I get started and this would then become one of those days that unravels several days of good effort. The others will party, I will eat my yogurt, and tomorrow I hope to find my reward when I step on the scale.

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