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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No Pain, No Loss--Day 6--222.5 Pounds (4 lbs lost)

Yesterday was a really great day and not just because of the loss of a pound. We had our combo January/February office birthday party and the Break Room was filled with goodies. I hardly ate anything at the party and while I did nibble on some chocolate in the afternoon, that wasn't bad because I skipped lunch when I ran an errand and walked 2 miles. Several of us also walked at afternoon break so my total for the day was near 3 miles.

While I'm more concerned about the effort and not the number on the scale each morning, this did surprise me a little. After trying to get photos done ASAP yesterday evening, I didn't eat supper till close to 9 and that was a frozen pizza and light beer (about 800 calories total). That's a late supper and I weighed in at 3:30 this morning because I can't sleep (hip hurts) and I might as well work on photos. A 5:30 weigh in would have been 222 pounds or maybe even 221.5--since I'm still guzzling the diet sodas, a couple of hours extra before weighing makes a difference.

The goal today is to have a great day before going to Nick's, allow myself 3 light beers and absolutely no nuts (it is easier to eat nothing than count on being able to make a reasonable decision), and then eat a small supper like a can of chili. I need to get up tomorrow and expect to see this 222.5 once again.

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