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Friday, February 6, 2009

No Pain, No Loss--Day 8--223 Pounds (3.5 lbs lost)

It's 4:35, I'm meeting Boty to walk at 5. More to come later.

Back from walking and now I'm at work so I'll be quick. The results so far have been good. The effort has been spotty. There's been way too much eating in anticipation of being hungry instead of eating when I'm hungry. Plus, there's been too much nibbling on valentine candy which is scattered throughout the building. When I got to work this morning I started to grab two or three Hersey's Kisses as I passed one of the tables with a candy bowl. My reach stopped at the midway point and then I thought about the need for a little pain if I want to be successful. It did pain me a little to walk away from the chocolate, but I'll live.

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  1. Frank, Just got back from a short run. Hope you are doing well. keep up the good work.