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Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1, 2009--219.5 Pounds

Considering that I was at a party for over 3 hours, my willpower was remarkable. I stopped and got a small burger on the way to the party so there wouldn't be the issue of hunger at the party. There's no way that eating supper at the party was going to be anywhere close to just the 350 calories of the burger. I did have some beers and I did eat some small items after being at the party for 3 hours (I was taking photos so I needed to be there from start to finish).

It looks like 218 for Monday morning isn't going to happen. Maybe I can get 218.5 if I do really good today. The big target is 215 and my hopes are to get there before the 15th of March. When that happens, it will be interesting to see what follows. That 215 weight is a big setpoint, but I'm doing better on my diet now that at any time since the stretch in 2006 when I lost 35 pounds. Maybe 215 won't be such a difficult barrier to a person who is actually making a strong effort to lose weight.

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  1. Frank, Great weigh in!! It looks a lot better than 226. Keep up your activity level.