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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18, 2009--221 Pounds

Yesterday's post combined with Todd's comment got me thinking about something. Doing my photo projects has taken away just about all of the time that I once used for other things. That happens to everyone. Todd got married and that will shift the way he uses his time. Travis and his wife just had their first child and that will greatly shift the way they use their time. We all have to deal with these things.

It's true that I've given up a lot of "me" time. I rarely have time for reading, going to movies, sports, doing things with friends, etc. Somehow I've gotten the idea that splurging a little on food is the last little area of pleasure that I'm holding on to, but it seems like that is backwards. I'm sacrificing a lot for the photos, but I shouldn't sacrifice my health. What I should be holding on to is my health, not the pleasure of eating. My thinking needs to be reversed on this and I need to carve out the time to do the things that will get me healthy, not reward myself with the things that continue to keep me unfit.

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