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Monday, March 2, 2009

March 2, 2009--219 Pounds

Rusty's comment yesterday is correct, 219 pounds does look a lot better on the blog than 226 pounds. One thing that is a real positive is that I've gotten under and stayed under that 222 mark. That seemed to be the bottom of the old range, a number I would hit after a day that included jogging and little eating, but a number that always seemed to be the limit of my losses.

Last week Boty offered the suggestion that I forget about listing food and instead I go 8 weeks where I exercise at least 30 minutes a day. It sounded appealing, taking me back to the many years when I didn't worry about what I ate because my activity level kept me at 165 pounds and then in later years it seemed like 175 was the setpoint. I'd love to be back to that point, but it will never happen, or at least it will never happen without a new hip.

Maybe the time has come where I should consider having hip replacement surgery. Heck, that time was probably years ago. When I stand for 3 or 4 hours at a sporting event, the discomfort in my hip lasts for a day or two. When I walk/jog 4 miles, my limp is more noticeable for a couple of days. Losing weight will help and stretching would help if I did it, but this problem goes back 12-13 years when coaching soccer and playing tennis on the same day caused a night of no sleep because of the discomfort. I just don't think the hip can take the kind of activity that probably caused the problem in the first place.

Walking I can do. It has taken a while, but I seem to tolerate walking which hasn't always been the case. Maybe it's because the 50 minutes it now takes to walk 3 miles was once the same time it took to run 6. I wasn't getting much mileage for my time when I walked. Now 50 minutes of jogging would barely get me 4 miles, so walking makes a lot more sense. Actually, walking is more efficient time wise because there's no automatic need to shower and there's virtually no recovery time.

So, I think I've become a walker. Maybe I'll reconsider when I reach 180 pounds. Jogging is more fun if the pain factor goes away. At this point in time, I'm just not sure that the pain factor will ever go away.

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