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Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 16, 2009--Almost 10 PM

I'm doing better on the eating. Not great, just better. Taking the afternoon off helped me get some photos done but the next 10 days are going to still be totally exhausting. If I can just make it to May, then things will get better.

And it's not like I can devote all my time to photos since there are always other things that have to be done. There was a break in the middle of this afternoon to go get a new cell phone since my old one had a severe crack. I traded in the Plain Jane model of 2007 for the Plain Jane model of 2009. It's a company phone given to me in case there are computer problems at night or over the weekend. There's no restriction on me using it for personal calls, but I never come close to my 300 minutes allowed each month. I guess some would have hit the company up for a fancier phone, but it's a more comfortable feeling for me to just get what I need instead of trying to take advantage of the situation.

As for the eating, mostly what I'm doing is trading off bad choices with not eating later. Wednesday night was Nick's and while my snacking wasn't held in check at the bar, the beer and the nuts sufficed for the rest of the evening since I skipped supper. Today it was the office birthday party for the people born in April, so I substituted junk food for real meals. Poor eating and a heavy work load--that's a combination that doesn't work well.

At least I'm trying a little harder. Boty and I are scheduled to walk for an hour in the morning. That will be good. I'm up this late only because I'm trying to burn 25 baseball DVDs this evening and it looks like 20 is about all that I'll get done. I've gone overboard on the baseball team this year and it will take 2 DVDs for all of their photos. I'm trying to get the first one done and distributed by Monday or Tuesday of next week. Number 19 just popped out of the burner, but I looked at the roster a minute ago and they have 42 players and 5 coaches. Add in the extras for the communication department and the sports information department, etc, and I will need about 55 copies with each copy taking about 10 minutes to burn. What a pain the butt--maybe I need to stay up and get to number 25.

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