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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 22, 2009--Still 222 Pounds

The "still 222 pounds" is a good thing. My plan is to shorten my work day to 7-12 every day this week and then use the afternoon and evening to work on photos. The idea of viewing weight loss as a job is a good one. It's just that there's no way for me to pretend I have 3 jobs, especially when the commitment needed by the photos has gone wild.

The last week has been busy. The good news is that I no longer turn myself into a zombie by working on the photos till 2 in the morning. More vacation times gets used on the project and people have to wait longer before seeing the photos on the website. At this time last year I was 100% certain that 2007-08 would be my last because the physical and mental toll was simply too great. This year has been constantly busy, but not frantic. It has made a lot of difference.

Much has been accomplished in the last week and much needs to be done. The softball photos are completed and posted. Now I need to burn about 25-30 DVDs. There's a batch of tennis photos that need to be edited, posted, and then I can burn DVDs for the tennis teams. The same is true for the women's lacrosse team. Monday night there was an award ceremony for the Millsaps athletes from the senior class. Those photos need editing and posting. The baseball players each received a DVD Monday of games played through April 11, so the photos from the Trinity game are last on the list. However, they play the SCAC Tournament this weekend so I'll be taking photos at up to 6 games from Thursday through Sunday.

I need to spend as much time as possible on the photos, and when I take a break it has to be used to accomplish necessary tasks like eating a meal, cleaning dishes, paying bills, keeping up the blogs. Yeah, it probably wasn't a good time to start a new blog. The deal with that is the "Photos from Fondren" blog is suppose to be centered around photos taken when I walk to lose weight. So starting that blog was tied into this plan of giving more priority to the weight loss effort. I went ahead and started the blog even though it looks like the serious walking can't start for another week or two.

All in all, staying at 222 pounds is not such a bad thing right now. I know it's still possible to be in the 2-teens by the end of the month and maybe that will happen, but the reason I weighed this morning was to make sure the weight hadn't ballooned into the upper 220's. With all that time I've been spending in front of a computer, that was a definite possibility.

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