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Monday, April 6, 2009

April 6, 2009

A minor drop to 221.5 for my weight this morning. The big news on the healthy front today is my annual physical is scheduled for 8:30. I've already done the blood work and there's nothing fancy about the physical today. No treadmills or anything like that, just checking the results from the lab, a little talking, a little minor probing, and hopefully that's about it.

With physicals, your weight only gets recorded one time a year so I don't know if I've gained or lost weight since my last physical. Because of blogging, I know I'm a few pounds lighter than what I weighted on February 23, 2006. I was actually 230 pounds at the beginning of 2006, so not getting heavier over 3 years is something positive. It's just not positive enough.

Regarding more balance in my life, this past weekend wasn't too bad even though it was all photography. Yesterday I had to work from about 2 till 7 which caused me to miss the first half of the Crawdad Hole Music Festival. That might be a good thing because I got there for the last two bands and took over a thousand photos. A lot will be deleted. Trying to figure out the lighting at these small concerts where the guys are so close to floodlights is difficult for my level of expertise. And when the only lighting on the drummer is a red floodlight, it's hard to get a shot that isn't extremely red. I could really use a mentor in trying to figure all of this out, but the more likely solution is that I take time to study about photography instead of just taking photos and trying to discover the answer on my own.

Got to get to work. I'll write about the results of the physical later today or in the morning. I'm not expecting any terrible news--knock on wood.

UPDATE: All of the blood work came back normal so it looks like I might live another year. My cholestoral was about 150, a huge improvement from the 250's of the past thanks to me finally agreeing to take Vytorin. The thing is, a few years ago they wanted the "bad cholestoral" number under 130. Now they want it under 100 and mine was at 106. That means I'll be bumped up to a stronger dosage when I get the next perscription filled. Like everyone else, I'd prefer to be healthy without the drugs and I resisted taking them for a few years. Now I figure I'm a fool if I don't spend some extra money for better health.

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