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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7, 2009

The scales showed 221.5 this morning and my activity yesterday was limited to going to work and sitting at a computer all day, then coming home and sitting at a computer all evening. It's hard to convince the body to lose weight when there seems to be no need to lose weight.

This lack of movement is a problem, as is lack of sleep. Sunday I went to bed well after midnight. Monday it was after 11. That's too late since I have to get up before 6 to make it to work on time. It wears me down. This morning I was exhausted and half asleep in the shower. Rarely do I wake up bright eyed and ready to go. Usually I perk up soon after my feet have hit the ground and there's some movement. Today, I was so tired I could have taken a nap in the shower and staying longer in the shower didn't do much to wake me up.

When I'm tired the trend is to eat more, even if it's just to get through another 2-3 hours. Today I tried to get ahead of the curve and that meant a stop at Burger King for 2 sausage biscuits. Fighting exhaustion with food is a bad cycle when it comes to trying to lose weight. My hope is that a big breakfast will jump start my system and give me a physical lift today. What I need as well is a mental lift that would probably only come if I took 3-6 months off to restructure my life. That's something I could do at 27 or even at 37 years old, but it's risky to think about a long break from working when one is 57.

The restructuring my life thing is probably a topic I should save for the other blog. It's getting confusing to remember where I wrote various things since this blog has become wider in scope than just dieting. I probably should have mention the doctor's report on the "Slice of Frank's Life" blog post for today, but who wants to write the same thing again. Besides, my mind was back on photos when I wrote that post Monday evening late. It's going to really be nice to have 3 days off this coming weekend.

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