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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 8, 2009--223.5 Pounds

Not surprising that the weight went up this morning since I ate supper after 9 last night and the only exercise I've gotten this week is typing and clicking a mouse. It's been cool/cold this week so there's been no walking during break time at work and the backlog of photos to be edited has been larger than normal. It doesn't make dieting and exercising impossible, but it doesn't take much to throw me off those two tracks.

At least my sleep went fairly well last night. The 3 extra strength Excedrin right before bedtime probably helped. My impulse it to avoid taking any medication, but maybe some over the counter pain killers taken in the evening will ease the aches and help me sleep through the night. The fact that Excedrin has caffeine shouldn't hurt my sleep since in my case a lack of caffeine would probably be more of a hinder to sleep.

It's Wednesday so I'll go out for a few beers with the guys this evening. That won't be so bad if there's some restraint shown throughout the day prior to meeting at Nick's Restaurant. Getting out and walking at break time today would be a good idea. I just need to hang on for a few more weeks until the photography eases up and then maybe I can be a little more dedicated to the weight loss and getting in shape. I'm so far behind in everything. If only I could get about 3-6 months of 100% free time to get a breather, to catch up, and to reorganize my life. That's what I need but the only way it could happen is me getting fired or me taking a long leave of absence because of a serious illness. Those options aren't very good so I'll stick with trying to cut back on new stuff and catching up on old stuff. I'm not very good on the cutting back which is needed in order to do the catching up--that cutting back is something I need to work on.

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