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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 1 of New Job--223.5 Pounds

As mentioned earlier, I'm going to take more of a job like approach to the weight loss. In recent years, I've always felt like I have two full time jobs, the one where I get paid and then the free photos that I do for Millsaps and others. While I would love to be able to shed the paying job, that isn't possible, so let's take it out of the conversation.

I've let the photography come before any weight loss effort. I know it doesn't seem like the two mix, but they do. The photography gets me out of my routine when I'm out taking photos and I often use that as an excuse to grab something at a fast food place or a concession stand. Then when I'm home editing the photos, I often snack a lot as a way of taking a break or in an attempt to stay up later.

So, eating has become a way of either mentally or physically sustaining the photography projects. If snacking all night makes the photography work easier, then it has been okay in the past to let the diet slide. That's an attitude I have to change, so food is no longer going to be in the support group for the photography. I have to stick with the dieting as faithfully as I devote myself to the photography.

Today I was 223.5 pounds. I won't weigh again until April 30th, the next time that I'll get a paycheck. I need to see real progress and accomplishment in these first two weeks.

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