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Friday, May 1, 2009

May 1, 2009--Losing 40 Pounds in 4 Months?

That's my goal (see note below). I really have 4 months of the year when I'm not planted in front of a computer for much of my free time. There's no point in outlining my plan since you heard it all before. Cutting back quite a bit on food is a must, but there should never be any time when I get hungry and don't eat. The key is to not eat until I actually do get hungry and then don't eat a whole lot. This plan has worked great on the rare occasions when I've stuck with it.

The food journal is a necessity. It's a simple thing to do that is difficult to do. The difficulty comes in having to be responsible and accountable. I'm not sure if it's even important to keep up with calories. Just be accountable and usually that's all it takes to cut back on the food volume and the bad choices.

Walking is the third thing that has to be done. Jogging is out of the question and I need to be careful about how much I walk. My hip is shot. Not to the point that I want to think about a medical solution, but a medical solution is going to be the only answer if I don't start doing the things necessary to ease the stress on my hip. Losing weight is the number 1 thing I can do (and I guess that stretching has to be added at number 1A).

I can do this and it needs to be done before the consequences of obesity become a clear reality.

(Note below: My starting point is the 223.5 I weighed this morning. That weight is less than the 225 when I started blogging and that 225 was down from my high of 230. There is a positive in having gone 3 years without gaining weight. The only problem is the part about losing down to 190 pounds in the first half of 2006 and then gaining it all back within a year. In other words, my positive is a very small positive at best.

This is going to work. That's how I feel at the moment and I like the idea of a set time frame and a set goal. We know the food journal can be kept for 4 months because that has been done in the past. We know the weight will come off if I keep the food journal, because that was the result in the past. The same pattern will work again now--the same actions will create the same reactions.)

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