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Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11, 2009--222 Pounds (1.5 pounds lost)

(Before I forget, you might enjoy this Youtube video that someone recently sent to me. It's a song called
The Breakfast Song, but it sure sounds like The Diet Song to me.)

Getting back to my diet, this was a disappointing morning. It would be hard to have a better day than Sunday, walking in the morning and having one of my lowest calorie totals so far. I even ate vegetables as an entire meal and the diet soda consumption was low because I ran out. Outside of walking again in the evening, the right things were done throughout the day.

While disappointed, I'm not discouraged. This bounce back up has taken me from being on track to being at half the pace needed, so there's some making up to do. Being discouraged won't help in the catching up process.

The way I see it, and you guys can back me up on this, being on a diet is a lot like being on a date. You start out knowing what needs to be done and things go great as long as you stick to the routine. However, do one stupid thing and the momentum is broken. One stupid thing and then you have to fight like heck to get things flowing smoothly again. Am I right?

While there was nothing wrong about going to the ballgame last Friday and enjoying the evening, I should have showed a little discipline while still enjoying the evening. Let the calories jump to 2,500 or even 3,000 for the evening. Just don't hijack a plate of brownies simply because the diet card isn't being kept. That's a lesson to remember for the next 4 months, 4 years, 40 years.


  1. Good morning Frank. Well my wife and I (6 days ago) committed to a new diet that I don't believe you or I have not touched in our blogging fame... the infamous Atkins diet. I was resistant but it really was the easiest option that we could work on together. I started off 229.0 on last Tuesday morning and today I'm 222.0. Mostly water weight I'm sure. I'll keep things posted.

  2. Sorry for the double negative there...