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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 12, 2009--219.5 Pounds (4 pounds lost)

Never question a 2.5 pound loss. Just be grateful and then don't drop your guard and give up the progress. This number is much better than the last two days, plus it moves me back to the pace of losing 10 pounds in a month.

The surprise is that this loss came after I failed to get out for a walk Monday evening. I piddled around on the internet after getting home, mostly checking on the buzz about the NCAA D3 Baseball Tournament, and then wrote a long post for the "Slice" blog. Somewhere in there should have been 30 minutes of walking. Not every walk has to be over an hour or involve taking photos. Some days I need to just go out the door and walk two miles as a break from sitting at the computer.
Todd, congratulations on the rapid success of your diet. I've wondered what it would do for me to go on one of those high protein diets. It would be such a huge change from my normal routine, so maybe that would create a huge drop in my weight. Even though my current diet is woefully lacking in protein, it doesn't seem like the food choices would be a problem on one of those high protein diets. The problem would be food preparation with requirements being greater than tearing open a package or starting up a microwave. While cooking is something I can do, it's not something I care to do.
My goal for today is to stay under 220 pounds. There was a point early in 2006 when I was certain that never again in my life would I weigh over 220 pounds. That "never again weight" moved down to 210 pounds and then 200 pounds. I honestly thought in the spring of 2006 that my weight would never, ever cross over the 200 pound mark for the remainder of my life. Letting that happen towards the end of 2006 or early in 2007 was a monumental failure on my part.
Now I'm back to trying to put the 220's out of my life forever. Within a week that should be a definite reality. Then I can push through 215, 210, 205, and it will be a big day when I leave the 200's altogether. I know this weight loss can be accomplished over the next couple of months. I believe this weight loss can be maintained for a lifetime.


  1. 221.0 today. It's definitely different. Lots of meat for sure and my taste in meals is changing. There's a focus on spices and livening up food and grocery shopping is much simpler (you just shop around the perimeter). The biggest thing is cooking the whole packet of food for lunch the next day but that could go for any diet. I leverage diet drinks quite a bit but I have seen 8 pounds in one week drop. I even crave vegetables but there's still only so any I can have. So that almost puts me at my wedding weight from February. As we know the second week isn't usually as rewarding and I'm taking an objective look at this for a whole month. I'll keep us posted just like yourself.

  2. It would seem like a diet lacking in vegetables would be just right for me. Unfortunately, all the things I do eat are also high on the "no-go" list. Keep up the good work. You have shown the ability to really lose a lot of weight fast so keep pushing.