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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13, 2009--218 Pounds (5.5 pounds lost)

Someone at the CDC dropped me a note yesterday. It said:

Dear Sir: Please note that the CDC has not changed the basic food groups to crackers, cereal bars, hot pockets, yogurt and pineapple. Based on your food choices, it appears that you have become the victim of a hoax.

I know my food choices is an area needing work. Right now the focus is on the volume of food, later it can shift to better food.

The drop of 5 pounds in a few days seems a little bit of a hoax as well, except that I'm not much lower than my weight at this time last week. In my primitive way of understanding the body, it seems like the subconscious thought Friday's food binge might be an attempt to get back to the 222 set point. It held that level for a few days before deciding Friday was a false alarm. After that, the level has dropped back to what it probably would have been if I had skipped eating at the ballgame Friday.

At least that's my theory. The good news is I'm now ahead of the pace needed to reach my goal. More good news is being 4 pounds under that 222 level which my body stuck with for a long time. Getting below 215 is the next big challenge. That was the biggest setpoint on my return back to 225 pounds. I held the line there for months, working hard to not go higher and not working hard enough to go lower. My subconscious might actually be working hard to return to that comfortable location. Once he gets there, it might be hard to convince him to leave.

First things first. Before worrying about the subconscious clinging to 215, I need to get down to that level. My plan is to really work at making that happen by next Monday's weigh-in.

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