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Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 16, 2009 -- weight unknown

I didn't weigh this morning because my watch was lost. What's sad about that excuse is the truthfulness of the statement.

In a sleep news stunner, I actually slept till 7:30 this morning after only getting up once during the night. Being a Saturday, my morning routine isn't as exact as the typical work day so I headed to the bathroom and the shower thinking about my weekend schedule and wondering where I had left my watch. I wear my watch when sleeping, out of habit mostly, but now it's handy because the light feature on my Casio allows me to check the time in the middle of the night without finding my glasses and turning on a light to see a clock.

So it's puzzling to me that the watch is missing, especially when it isn't in the bathroom. Sometimes I remove it before taking a shower even though it is supposedly water resistant up to 100 meters below the water's surface, a claim I've yet to test. Now I'm out of sync from sleeping so late, trying to figure out my plans for the day, and wondering where the heck could I have left that watch. Habit got me in and out of the shower, teeth brushed and shave skipped, and then dressed appropriately for a walk to Mother's house later this morning. That's when I remembered my failure to weigh.

Sure I could have stripped off all the clothes and weighed, but tieing up my right shoe is a bother with my ailing right hip, so I didn't bother. Besides, and I swear this wasn't the prevailing reason but maybe just a tiny factor, it wasn't going to be a good weigh-in. We had a baby shower at work yesterday and my plan was to skip like all the other guys, but all the other guys don't have a reputation as a decent photographer. So it was all the women at work, plus the head of the company who also is the grandfather-to-be, and me as the photographer. While my restraint was much better than Friday night at the baseball game, it was still a bad day for a supposed dieter.

We'll see how much damage was done when I weigh in tomorrow. My plan is to hide the evidence with a very good effort today, including walking to Mother's and back this morning to help her with a small list of chores. There might be a second walk included in the evening to take care of the 2nd (and yes, 3rd) piece of chocolate cake. They were very small pieces and it was very good cake. Only a martyr could have resisted.

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