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Monday, May 18, 2009

May 18, 2009--219.5 Pounds (4 pounds lost)

I'm a little bummed out that I've gotten hung up at the spot. Then again, am I really making a full effort to get past this point? The reality is that at 57 years old and with walking as my only physical activity, my metabolism isn't revved up very high. When my calories are cut to about 2,000 per day, my body has no problem getting by on that without having to burn any reserves. Maybe it will eventually need to burn some fat, but not in the short term.

With Todd on the Aikens diet (spelling?), it makes me think that a shakeup in my food selection would be a good idea. I'm not exactly sure what that change will be, but it's something that needs to be investigated. One reason this post is being written earlier than usual today is so I'll have time to stop at Walmart for some grocery shopping prior to work. More yogurt is a definite and then making sure that I eat 3 yogurts a day is a must. The only way that will probably happen is to cut out the crackers--I might not be able to cut out the cereal bars.

Anyway, change is needed to some extent. How much change I'm willing to make is the big question mark. Maybe the change that makes the most sense it to go for a 25 pound loss in 4 months, but it's a little too early to lower the bar. I lost close to 10 pounds a month in 2006 so it should not be an impossible goal in 2009.


  1. Todd, just remember that you (and I) might be right on that edge of the plateau to a lower weight level. Usually the thing that gets one over the edge of the plateau is a few really good days when it seems like progress isn't being made. I suspect you are right on that edge and a nice drop is close at hand.


  2. http://www.doctoryourself.com/weight_loss.html

    I was in the grocery store tonight and scanned an article that said if you would eat a cup of raisins before walking, you would lose more weight. I just Googled, using the words "raisins, walking, weight loss" and this was one of the sites that popped up. Interesting...