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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19, 2009--217 Pounds (6.5 pounds lost)

Praise the Lord and pass the raisins! (See Anne's comment about raisins on yesterday's post.)

We all know that 2.5 pounds of fat wasn't lost yesterday. It was a good day, right at 2,000 calories and 50-55 minutes of walking, just not a day when one could believe that about 8,000 calories of fat were burned.

Going back to yesterday's comments, Todd was talking about his weight being stuck at about 221 and I talked about the reality of weight plateauing (spellchecker won't like that word). Looking back on my diet for almost 3 weeks, this is about where I should be if dieting was a perfect action/reaction system. It's not. Sometimes you do great and gain weight. Sometimes you cheat and are "rewarded" the next day with a 1.5 pound weight loss. Eventually it all evens out.

My quick drop and Todd's quick drop were both a little too much too fast. If only dieting were so easy, but I believe we simply got the drop on our weight control mechanism. In my case, any bad day seemed to be severely punished by too much weight gain and too long to take that weight back off. It's all the give and take of reestablishing a setpoint. Hopefully, my body has retreated and is willing to let the setpoint drop to this 217 mark or maybe all the way back to that 215 beachhead. The key is to not get discouraged. The right actions will eventually create the right reactions by the body. You just have to have faith.

More to come but I have to get to work..........Okay, here's a little more:

I wanted to read and comment on the link left by Anne in yesterday's comment section. There were a lot of good tips and reminders in that article. The advice given was the exact opposite of what Todd is trying, suggesting that people should eat less meat and more fruits and vegetables if they want to lose weight. I'm not sure that there is a "one plan fits all" solution to dieting and good health. I'm fairly certain that my habit of avoiding meat, fruit and vegetables isn't the best route to follow, and if I'm able to change, the change towards more fruits and vegetables would be the more appealing route to me. Others would be more comfortable going in the opposite direction.

It seems to me that ultimately, losing weight comes down to what was said at the top of the list from Anne's link. To lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume. Maybe certain diets induce the body to do a faster job of this, but just about anything will work if a person is consistent and persistent in their efforts. That's really the key. Find something that you can follow and then stick with it long enough to let it work. I can do that.

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  1. It's a pretty interesting analysis and I'm up for being the guinea pig for a month to see. Today marked my two week mark and I'm at 219.8. One thing is for sure and that's that I haven't really introduced any exercise. It's not intentional by any means but it certainly hasn't been a catalyst for weight loss for me right now. In fact, I was getting quite frustrated in my 1lb loss in week two but I'll continue chipping away at the iceberg!