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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 20, 2009--216.5 Pounds (7 pounds lost)

While there were a few too many cereal bars consumed yesterday and that might have bumped, my total up to 2,500 calories, I walked at both break times and after work for a total of about 75-80 minutes. I'll have to be careful on the cereal bars today and with the temptation of snacking at Nick's tonight since the long walk may be out for tonight. I'm toying with the idea of walking to Nick's which is about 2.5 miles, and then walking back after a long rest and 3 beers. The problem isn't the distance or the beers, it's the heavy traffic and lack of sidewalks. My guess is that this is a good plan in theory and a bad plan in reality.

The last three weeks have really pointed out the emotion roller coaster and pitfalls that come with dieting. The first week was great as I lost 4-5 pounds with ease and with enthusiasm. The second week started off with the admittedly horrible diet breaking performance at the baseball game. That, along with my body's desire to get back to 222, gave me several days of feeling like almost all progress had been lost.

Once the baseball night was overcome, there was the much smaller hiccup at the baby shower. That was just last Friday, but it had me thinking that maybe the idea of losing 10 pounds in a month was too lofty a goal. I even mentioned that maybe it would be more realistic to shoot for 25 pounds in 4 months. Now all of a sudden I'm back on track for 40 in 4 and my emotions are high like they were in the first week.

Some will say that this is proof that a person shouldn't weigh every day. They are wrong in my opinion. When you weigh once a week, there is a tendency to think you can cheat a little right after the weigh-in day and make it up later. There's less accountability. There's also less knowledge being gained. My Friday weights have been 223.5, 221.5, and 218.5, and those weights don't really tell me much about how my body reacts to eating binges or days when I walk a lot. More numbers give me more knowledge. I just have to be strong emotionally when the numbers don't seem fair or when the numbers are so good that I'm tempted to cheat a little.

Got to got to work. This has to be a very good day at work and a 3 beer/no snacks night at Nick's . Maybe I can hold on to 216.5 if those things are accomplished.

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  1. I personally think you should weigh everyday. I think you tend to work harder when you didn't lose as much as you thought you should have. If the number shown breaks your will, chances are you didn't have the resilience to see it through in the first place.