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Friday, May 22, 2009

May 22, 2009--219.5 Pounds (4 pounds lost)

I didn't do anything special Thursday to recover from Wednesday night. Just the opposite was done as I let some of the frustration and irritation from Wednesday cause Thursday to be a bad day overall. Throw in the elements of me going through a stretch of constantly being tired and my hip and right leg being bothersome, probably from too much walking, and it's really been a bad last couple of days.

That's water under the bridge now. What can be done is to make Friday a sub-2,000 day. I'm off to a good start by resisting the urge to eat a cereal bar at home this morning. The first thing I'll eat today is a yogurt at work. The second thing I'll eat today is another yogurt at work, and that will only be after I truly get hungry.

I wasn't about to type "this isn't hard" and then I realized that yes it is hard. Let your guard down for a minute and half a day of good effort is gone. Let some negative emotion creep in like I was feeling about Wednesday night, and it's easy to think "the hell with it" and set the diet back two days or more. Dieting is hard when your body goes into full force "save this guy from starving" mode. Dieting is hard when there's so much food available and you've laid off your favorites for so long--Wendy's, ice cream, Sugar Babies, and on and on and on.

Dieting is hard, but not impossible. The rewards are huge but they seem so far down the road that they appear minuscule during day-to-day living. That's why I have to focus. That's why I have to plan on eating yogurt once, then yogurt again, then just one hot pocket and a yogurt for lunch. It's not impossible and the rewards really are huge in so many ways. I just have to dig deeper and stay more focus. I can do this.

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