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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27, 2009--219.5 Pounds (4 pounds lost)

This seems to be a popular weight. The good news from yesterday is my first outing to the fitness center at Millsaps. I walked there and back for a total of about 3 miles. There were no photos along the way so it was a little better exercise than my normal walks. At Millsaps I hit a racquetball around for the first time in years. Hit the ball went surprising well. Moving to the ball went surprising well considering that my expectations on that couldn't have been any lower. Heck, the fact that I didn't trip and fall down at least once exceeded my expectations. I'm really starting near the bottom of the athletic scale, as low as I've every been since my childhood string of non-stop athletic lowlights.

Memorial Day has got me all messed up on my days. Today is Wednesday. If the diet was my single focus in life, I'd skip the gathering at Nick's tonight. If just about everyone else was showing up every week for the full timeslot, then I'd consider coming late and leaving early. While skipping and partially participating are options, I'm sure I'll show up to meet with the early birds or bird or to sit by myself, and then I'll stay till the bartender gives me the check because he knows that I'll leave him the best tip. I'm like the government--if it ain't my money, I can be a big spender!!!

The good thing about today is I'm not tired. There was no getting up in the evening because I couldn't sleep. After the racquetball, it seemed like non-sleep from pain was a certainty. With that in mind, I did take some OTC painkillers before going to bed. That might have to become a daily habit if that's what it takes to get enough rest.

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