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Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 28, 2009--221.5 Pounds ( 2 pounds lost)

The weight I post to the blog is what I see on the scales first thing in the morning. That's always a pound or two lighter than what I weigh before going to bed. I knew last night that today would be bad and I considered the possibility of "forgetting" to post today, or posting today without putting a weight. Let's face it, it's embarrassing to do so poorly and while some of this jump is temporary because of Wednesday night, I'm afraid that much of it is due to backsliding from the last week.

It all goes back to a familiar pattern. I stop posting the food list to the blog even though I'm still keeping a list. Then I start keeping up with the calories in my head instead of actually writing a list. Soon after that, all accountability is out the window. You know the old story about Thomas Edison failing 10,000 times before inventing the electric light bulb? It's starting to feel like I'm closing in on his number of failures with my dieting efforts.

I know the things to do for success, a pattern that isn't perfect or one that I'd recommend for others, but one that has worked for me. The path to success isn't hard to find, it's just hard to follow. I'll get back on today, definitely going back to the food list and walking to Millsaps this evening for more racquetball practice and stretching. It's possible to salvage a decent weight loss number for this month and the overall 4 month goal is still possible with some drastic improvements in my behavior. Maybe today's weigh-in will give me a push towards those drastic changes.

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