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Sunday, May 3, 2009

May 3, 2009--221.5 Pounds (2 pounds lost)

This was a weigh-in at 4 in the morning so it would have been lower if my sleep had lasted 2-3 more hours. It doesn't matter. Being dedicated for a few days will always cause a loss in weight as the digestive track holds a little less, and in my case, the body has to deal with far less diet sodas.

My big thing will be to look at the big picture and focus on the actions, not worry about the reaction of the body. These first two days have been very good. Keep it up like this for 5 more days and I'll have a very good week. Then keep it up for another week and I'll have a great first half of the month. Double that effort and it will add up to a great month.

How great a month? I don't know. My goal is to lose 10 pounds a month and this is doable, but it's not exactly under my control. I control my actions and to some extent that allows me to predict the reaction of my body, but it's not an exact science. My body has stabilized in this lower 220's range and it will take steady change to get the mind to lower the setpoint. When I hit 215 (not if I hit 215), I expect the internal workings of my body to draw the line once again. Our bodies hit the brakes like this because for 99.9% of human history, weight loss was the unwanted result of not having enough food.

We have to realize that the body resists both gaining and losing weight. When one looks at the typical American diet, we find that most overweight adults would be over 300 pounds if the body didn't resist gaining weight. The trick is that the body turns up the metabolism to deal with excess in an effort to maintain the current weight. We gain weight only after we overwhelm this safeguard.

It's just like the flooding situation in Jackson. The folks at the reservoir north of town can hold back the flood waters to a point by letting the level of the reservoir rise. However, at some point this capability reaches its limit and they have to allow more of the flood waters to pass through. When we eat more than we need in a typical day, the body can raise the metabolism to take care of the excess. If the excess becomes too much, the body finally goes to plan B and stores the food instead of burning it. Personally, I believe this constant need to burn the excess is the main reason obesity causes disease. It has got to wear down the body when we operate at a higher metabolism than necessary for years at a time.

This sure is a lot of writing for so early in the morning. I have to go the Laundromat this morning and it's nice to get there early when plenty of machines are available. That's why I'm writing and not trying to go back to bed. I can always take a nap after returning from washing clothes. It's kind of sad, but one of the most appealing things about the weekend is the ability to take naps when needed. I'm definitely ready for retirement.

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