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Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4, 2009--221 Pounds (2.5 pounds lost)

Here's the realization that has finally dawned on me: A diet isn't going to be successful unless you constantly stay near the point of hunger. The problem most of us have is that we rarely allow ourselves to experience hunger and it should be a daily occurrence.

When you get sleepy, the body is telling you that it is time for rest. When you get out of breath, the body is telling you that it is time to slow down. When it gets cold in our environment, our body signals us to seek more warmth. Hunger is what the body uses to tell us that we need to eat, but most of us never wait for that signal. We eat out of habit, we eat out of impulse, we eat to put off starting a task--we eat for just about every reason except for hunger. I'm trying to bring hunger back into my life.

I have been hungry multiple times since starting this diet on May 1. It hasn't been unpleasant. There's always something available to eat, so hunger in my world isn't the point of desperation that it is for many in this world. Hunger is the signal that it's time to eat. If we would all wait for that signal, then the obesity problem in America would rapidly disappear. It really is that simple and I will lose this 40 pounds before the beginning of September because I'm going to be willing to wait for that signal.

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