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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 5, 2009--219.5 Pounds (4 pounds lost)

There was a time when I thought 4 pounds lost at the beginning of a diet was no big deal. It really was more of a given. Then came about the last 10 diet starts and few if any lasted long enough for me to lose 4 pounds. Most had a lot of problem with that 222 pound mark and I need to be ready for my body to want to return to that point.

The difference with this diet is that I'm actually doing most of the right things. I'm letting myself get hungry before eating. I'm eating less than normal when I do eat. The diet soda consumption has been cut in half. What that does to the weight loss is unknown, but it was greatly needed. And then theirs the ingredient that has been left out of most previous diets, trying to do some sort of exercise each day. It's not much, it's not high paced, but it's something.

I know from experience that my body will not want to drop below the 215 mark. That's a huge setpoint that was held for a long time by my internal controls. It will be great if my weight reaches that point by mid-May because it may take a week of serious work to get the weight loss to drop past that point. All I can do is keep up the right actions and eventually the right reaction will follow.

Reply to Todd's comment because the blogger comment feature can be so screwy:

A good question. I'm trying to really ease back on the diet sodas at night along with doing more exercising, so you would think the sleeping would be less sporatic. So far, not much has changed.

The additional walking has bothered my hip some and that makes it more difficult to get and stay comfortable in bed. That might be a reason that I still wake up several times during the night. This may improve with more walking--it seems like my hip is less sore now because of the consistency of my exercising.

Sleeping through the night would be a very nice side effect of exercise and losing weight. I hope that starts to happen in a month or two.

Frank (I hate it when the blogger comment feature is so problematic)


  1. Interesting question... Now that you've brought exercise back into your life how is your sleeping habits?

  2. I've definitely noticed the correlation of irradic sleep and diet drinks. One thing we've tried is non caffinated diet sodas. Didn't think I'd find any I like but sierra mist and sprite have some decent non caffinated products.