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Thursday, May 7, 2009

May 7, 2009--220.5 Pounds (3 pounds lost)

Actually a pretty good day for a Wednesday. Rain in the morning prevented that walk. Nick's in the evening took away the time to walk through Fondren. Going with the pizza instead of something less was because of the 3 light beers--I felt like getting something more substantial than soup in my stomach. And leaving Nick's bar after only consuming 300 calories was great. The bowl of mixed nuts on the table were calling my name all evening but I didn't listen. Once I start mindlessly eating those it is assured that I'll eat at least 500 calories worth.

Today needs to be a great dieting day because working on photos will trump any walking in the afternoon. Then I have an invitation to go to a MS Braves baseball game tomorrow and watch from a sky box, so that will up the calorie count on Friday. It's okay for these things to pop up in my schedule from time to time. I just have to make the best of those difficult days, like I did yesterday by staying very close to 2,000 calories.

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