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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 10, 2009--220 Pounds (3.5 pounds lost)

I think the 40 pounds in 4 months idea is shot. Maybe that was too unrealistic from the start, even though it still seems like it was achievable. Between work, my photography, 3 blogs, and the other things that come up in life, there isn't much time left for exercise. With the warmer weather, even the walking at work has been put on hold.

This doesn't mean that all hope is lost. The diet sodas are still cut out of my diet and that has to be good despite the headache I'm experiencing right now. The health story yesterday has me trying to make better food choices and that has to be good. The 3-4 day setback from last Friday's pizza supper has me better understanding that there is no room for a splurge day, especially now that my exercise is so limited.

To be honest, my dieting would be going pretty good now if I'd just eliminate the splurge days. Wednesday night can be limited to 300 calories of light beer. I could have limited myself last Friday and still had a good time. The office birthday party didn't have to turn into a dessert tasting derby. Without those things over the last 6 weeks, I'd be at 215 or lower. It making progress and then giving it all up that's killing this diet. I need to start by not giving up any progress this evening at Nick's.

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